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Educating Parents and Teachers

on Parental Controls

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    What Will You Learn?

    Our mission at Automation Dad is to educate parents and teachers on parental controls and how to use various types of technology to monitor online behavior. The includes smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, and personal computers.

    Automation dad iPhone

    Smart Devices

    From Apple Devices to Android, we provide tips on content management and parental controls.

  • Monitoring for sensitive photos

  • App approval and management

  • Device Access Time

  • Automation Dad News


    The parental control industry is constantly evolving. We provide relevant updates so parents can keep up with changing times.

  • The latest in content moderation and parental controls

  • New technology that requires monitoring

  • The most recent risks and opportunities facing parents and teachers

  • Automation Dad Reviews

    Technology Reviews

    We provide actual reviews and insights into the latest technology impacting children today.

  • Software reviews for content moderation

  • Device reviews for parental controls

  • Emerging technology reviews

  • Who Can Benefit From Our Blog and Newsletter

    Inside our publications, parents and teachers will find relevant information they can act on now


    Its no secret that parents are in a unique position when it comes to monitoring content on kid's devices

    In our blog and newsletter, we will provide relevant and actionable information. We seek to provide technical information in an easy to read format. With this information, parents can take action now to protect their kids and provide appropriate and timely parental controls.

    Automation Dad Parents
    Automation Dad Teacher


    Educators can often be an additional line of defense when it comes to content moderation and device management

    As young as Pre-K, kids are bringing Smart Devices to school. Since the onset of remote learning, more kids have laptops assigned by the school. Teachers are facing more pressure to understand parental controls and content moderation in the evolving world of the technology kids are using today.

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